How to Stream VLC Chromecast to Android,Windows,Macbook,iOS,iPad

VLC Chromecast is one of the most amazing features. If you cast to VLC with your other devices like(TV) using the same network then this working correctly. Chromecast option is not available many players but this is one of the players who provided Chromecast.

Can VLC Use Chromecast?

Obviously you can Chromecast use with VLC. Also, you can use the Chromecast system in your Android, iOS, Mac, etc. Long time research after VLC Organization makes the version of the software. What requirement need, facility and extra some feature discuss below.

Is VLC Chromecast Compatible?

VLC Chromecast is most convenient for casting pc to TV. It’s supported 4k,8k,360 degrees, and 3D video. The media player is the most versatile software for the cast.VLC is an open-source platform.

VLC to Chromecast use for Windows 

In this section, I will discuss with you how you use VLC Chromecast for your windows. If you want to stream video from your cast phone to tv you need must be some requirement. Before you have to ensure VLC 3.0 version, high-speed wireless connection using the same wireless network and Google Chromecast.

 Some people also finding vlc cast to smart tv without Chromecast. If you want to without Chromecast then you need some mirroring software. When running cast video to your TV than might be not showing vlc Chromecast subtitles in your display.

Many users claim vlc renderer Chromecast not working because he might be a different version media player downloaded. you must need VLC 3.0 version. Also, you going to streaming vlc to Chromecast mac.

  • Insert google Chromecast on your Smart TV. Open VLC Media Player and go to the top menu option playback>renderer>scanning>then connect to available Chromecast devices.

vlc chromecast

  • When connected to Chromecast vlc then open a video file locally see you some certificate just click accept permanently the application.

vlc chromecast

  • Just play any video with window playback control than starting  Chromecast from your PC to TV.
Can VLC Chromecast mac?

You can VLC Chromecast in your mac. You have must need VLC Latest version. If you haven’t the latest version then download the latest version of VLC 3.0 here. Windows and Mac are the same procedure for Chromecast.

  • First, download the latest version of VLC.
  • The next step installs this software from the destination folder(where you download this software).
  • Next step open this player and going to topbar and select playback option>renderer>then select your Chromecast network and connect.
Can Streaming VLC Chromecast on Android?

VLC Chromecast you can use your Android devices. In this section I will discuss this step by step please follow some instruction:

  • You need “screen stream mirroring apk” you can download this apk from google play store or our website. Please click the button for downloading.
  • I hope you downloaded successfully the app, now go to the destination folder where you downloaded this file and install it.
  • when this app installation giving some permission to allow. please accept this permission and finished the installation process.
  • Installation finished after opening this app and see the feature. Where I indicated red mark this link address just copy and go to your VLC Player of PC.

vlc chromecast

  • Next step go to the top bar and select media>stream>network>paste the copy address in the box>play

chromecast on android


chromecast android


stream chromecast


Chromecast VLC use for your iOS

you can use the cast of VLC in your iOS devices. You need a few requirements for Chromecast. Please follow the step:

  • Please plug in Chromecast on your TV.
  • Start your TV.
  • Go to HDMI setting
  • Download the latest version of Chromecast for your iOS or iPad.
  • Next step please go to your wifi setting and turn on.
  • Connect with Chromecast.
  • You must have to need iOS and your TV is connected to the same wifi network.

This is a brief summary of the VLC Chromecast. I hope this article helping you, If you have found any issue please go to contact us page and send your message.