Download VLC APK For Android Latest Version 3.2.12 in 2020

VLC Android is the best multimedia video player apk. A lot of features available in this player. Here you easily customize your VLC home screen, Playback control, audio, and video effect for best sound quality and video quality, streaming mood, subtitle adding, etc. 

VLC Media Player Apk for Android is an open-source video player. This player’s so different from the other video player. 

What is VLC Media Player APK for Android?

 VLC Android is an open-source cross-platform. This APK builds by Videolan company and it’s used for totally free.VLC is the most popular video player in the world because this player has an attractive home screen feature and user customization.VLC supported all formatted videos like (FLV, Xvid, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, DivX, MKV, m2ts).

Why VLC is the Best APK for Android?

Media Player of VLC Android Is a better alternative from another video player like Pot Player, KM-Player, Z-Player, Classic Media Player, etc. When you using VLC you get a lot of features, If you compare from other players then you haven’t available this feature like playback control, screen recording, video converting, streaming from any site like youtube, Dailymotion, etc but all this and some extra feature in this app.

VLC alternative software and APK have always some BUG that’s why many times users complain this using but VLC is one of the Video players it’s haven’t any bug always update this software for better user performance.

This is not a video converter but also you convert video if you use it for PC. VLC media player for windows and VLC for Android are the same features available.

Media Player of  VLC Android APK Feature:

Media Player of VLC Android VLC Media Player is one of the software for designing Windows, Mac, iOS,iPad, Windows phone, Linux, APPLE TV, Tzen,x-box one. You have just anyone device you use VLC. A lot of features available in this app. In this post, I will briefly discuss with you what features available and using benefit this.  

  • Grid option and List option: When you are going to the homepage you have shown in your video grid option you just customize when you like.

best alternative video player

  • Streaming Mood: If you want to stream video from other websites then need using these features. just go to setting streaming>then show the box where you paste the video link and go to the page and enjoy this video.

vlc feature

  • Sleep timer:  This is an amazing feature in VLC. Suppose, every day you sleeping before playing video or audio but when woke up you saw video or audio continue playing one by one. If you use this feature just go to the sleeping timer option and set the time. If you want 10 minutes after automatic off this video player you can also use this option.

best video player apk

  • Playback speed: Many users are want to her video playing very slowly or speedy. You can use this setting for increasing video playback speed.

vlc apk

  • Video and Audio Equalizer: This option uses gets for better audio sound quality. Many options(classical, club, Dance, Full Bass, Full terrible, Headphone, Live, Party, Pop, etc) see you there, Suppose you stay in the Party then you set the equalizer setting and set Party then you get more sound quality.

vlc android

  • Play as Audio: When you can use this setting you play Audio from Video.
  • Pop up Player: This is one of the most amazing features. It’s using for multitasking.when you doing other’s work as net browsing or work MS Office or another task this time you want to see a movie or song then you can use this option.

vlc android

  • Create a Playlist: You make a playlist for your favorite video.
Download VLC Media Player APK

 In this section, I will discuss with you how you download VLC Media Player APK for your Android. You can also download VLC for Windows and VLC Download for Mac. VLC  Chromecast also you can use. Many user like the vlc player for android 5.1 free download and vlc apk old version. You can download this APK from google play store or our website.VLC Portable use for windows and download VLC 32 bit latest version here.

VLC 3.2.12 APK Download

That is short summery Media Player of VLC Android.If you have any query please go to contact us page and send your feedback.