VLC 32 bit Latest version[3.0.11] Download for windows 7/8/8.1/10

VLC Media player is one of the most popular media players for playing videos and audios. It’s an open-source platform and supports all video formated. Here you add subtitle and you want to use the equalizer for more sound mixing quality, going to live to stream, and individual home screen controls.  Many users always get VLC 32 bit for uses better performance.

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The VLC media player is the best video player for Windows PC. In this post step by step briefly discuss with you, how you Download Video Player For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 free and safe download. Download VLC media player for windows 32 bit you get some amazing feature.

If your network IPV4 or IPV6 and bandwidth quality high then you open any online videos or audio play with vlc media player. you open files from Disk, DVD, etc. Also, it’s supported file (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV). If you download vlc 32 bit for pc then you get better performance from others version.

Feature of  the VLC Media Player 

If you have already VLC 32-bit downloaded then you get a lot of features and I will discuss it with you below.

  • Use high-resolution graphics and become faster on your computer.
  • Convert any type of video.
  • Download any type of video or open file with using VLC Media player.
  • Video Screen recording and take a screenshot.
  • Video screen rotating.
  • Add subtitles in your video
  • Add video effects and synchronization.
  • The audio effect adds to a beautiful sound.
  • Customize the VLC home display layout.
  • Use Hotkeys for video start/end/minimize etc
  • Cropping and zooming video.
  • Manually Cutting video on which part you want.

 Why can you VLC Download 32 bit for Windows

VLC Media Player is a multimedia player. It is totally free of coast uses for all users. This player makes About 40+ language uses. Very user friendly this player for use online and offline. All in one function build in this software. You can use it for streaming, capturing video, and any social video play with vlc media player.

You know why the difference 64bit and 32 bit. This is a memory address and you many software this time not installed in your operating system because at present this time many software build in use for a 64-bit operating system. 32-bit operating use needs a maximum 4GB RAM but 64bit Operating system need you use 8GB RAM.

This software download before please go to your system and check processor when you ensure which one version need download then download this version.

Another version operating system VLC Media Player available.If you also download vlc download mac for your MacBook and vlc media player app uses for your android devices.

VLC Portable version is another program when users download this file he needs not for the installation process because it’s a portable version and where the destination folder just open this file and enjoy video or audio.

Please follow some instruction:

Step 1: Please go to your system setting and check the system type if you see your operating system 32 bit then download 32 bit otherwise select another version.

vlc media player download


Publishers                  Videolan  
Latest version                  3.0.11 (32-bit)
File size                 39.89 MB
License                     Free
Requirement          Windows 7/8/8.1/10


This software is available on the Videolan(www.videolan.org) website. You can download our website without any issue.

VLC Download 32-bit latest version 3.0.11

That’s a simple and easy way to download and install VLC Media Player.If your any question or suggestion please connect with us,go to contact us page and send your message.