VLC Media Player Download(32/64bit) Latest Version in 2020

VLC Media Player Download is an open-source multimedia player. It designs the Videolan company. This company provided all software paid versions but VLC Media Player Download is totally free for users. If you download VLC Media Player for your operating system then you can add subtitles in your video, going to streaming and any file open from DVD, CD, etc.

It’s one of the most popular multimedia players in the world. You download this application from third-party sources for using PC, Android, iOS, and Mac Devices. In this post, I will show you how can get your VLC Media Player Download and install.

Many multimedia Video players are available on the Google server like GOM player, KM player, classic player, Pot player, Z-player, etc but vlc media player is a very exceptional and user-friendly media player.

VLC Media Player download


What is VLC Media Player?

 VLC Media Player is a multimedia player software. You can use this software for movies, Drama, and any type of multimedia files playing.VLC Media player makes a Videolan company.

This company provided her all product paid versions VLC free for users because It’s supported all formate media files.

This software graphical interface is very impressive and the most important thing is not to design only the English language, more than about 40+ language uses to make this software. for different another country.

If you download this software on our website then you easily enjoy audio and video files without any struggle and any other issue.

What formats does VLC Support?

Many multimedia video players have found the big problems because some video players are not supported any formatted video but today I will share with you the Best feature, user-friendly, and supported any formatted file(multicast, x262, x264, x265, DVBlast, Windows, Linux, Unix, BeOS, BSD, macOS, macOS X, OSX, DVD, MPEG, Blu Ray, FLV, Xvid, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, multimedia, DivX, MKV, m2ts). This player name VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player Download the latest version for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android.

  Feature of vlc media player download:

 A lot of features available in this software.VLC Media player not only use for PC. Also, you can use this media player in your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. All feature introduce with you are given below:-

vlc feature

  • Convert any type of video
  • Download any type of video from a third party website using VLC Media player.
  • Screen recording and screenshot.
  • Insert subtitles in your video.
  • The audio effect adds to a beautiful sound.
  • Video effect adds to see display more graphics visualization.
  • Customize the VLC home display layout.
  • Use Hotkeys for video start/end/minimize etc.
  • Use the advance settings for any type of website video screen recording.
  • Screen capture for use youtube thumbnail or website content.
  • Cropping and zooming video.
  • Cutting video on which part you want.
  • DVDs, Audio CVs, VCDs, files open here.
Publishers                Videolan company
File size                         38 MB
License                           Free
Latest Version                          3.0.11
Support Operating System        Windows 7,8,8.1,10 ,Android,iOS,mac
Total download                    10,25,684
Last month Download                         9,526


VLC media player download For Windows

vlc media player download In the previous section, I discuss features of the VLC media player and now I am telling how you can get download this software.  You can download this software on any third party website.  which operating system uses you want to download and All versions available on our website.

You can download VLC Media Player for Windows and also download vlc for mac, windows 7,8,8.1,10 Linux, & macOS, vlc player for android.

If you vlc media player free download then you choose the best video player for Windows PC. If you find vlc media player download 32-bit windows 7 then this version available here, just click the download button for download these Media Players. Also, vlc media player download 64-bit windows 7. VLC all format video player for PC.

Please follow the instruction below for download and set up in your PC:


 VLC Media player Download 64-bit 


  VLC media  player download 32-bit


Installing procedure step by step

I hope you vlc media player download successfully for your best choice. In this section I will discuss with you how to install this software in your windows.please follow the step:

Step-1: please go to where you download this file.

VLC Media Player

Step-2: Next step click the right button then click Run as administrator

vlc download

Step-3: Click the next button and go to the step.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Step-4: click next button:

VLC Media Player

Step-5: click the button and finally installation complete. If you open media player now then click run vlc media player otherwise not mark the checkbox.

VLC Media Player

Finally, the Installation procedure successfully completes the vlc media player. I hope you follow the same step then you got successfully installed on your PC.



Download VLC portable version

If you think VLC download and installation procedure hard then you also download vlc portable version. when you download this version of software then you no need install process in your local c drive. where download this file always direct open vlc window and play this window any audio and video file.

If your computer hard drive is empty but if you have the Portable media player in your USB device or Cloud drive or any storage then you access this file there.

vlc portable download

This media player’s main facility is movable and transportable from one computer to another computer. If you download .exe file then you must need some resource in your Local C drive like .dll file. If you haven’t found this file when this time software installing then get results failed but you have Portable VLC Media Player then no need extra resource for using this application.

You just download this file and go to the destination folder where you before downloading this file just click it’s automatically opened. Then you drag and drop any video or audio file in this player home layout it’s played.

VLC Portable Version 3.0.11


VLC Media Player Download for Android

VLC not only uses for windows, this video player using your all sources like android, mac, iOS, etc. You have any devices you use.VLC media player APK you use your smartphone.

Videolan company permission uses VLC Apk or software without any cost. Also available vlc apk for android tv. You have supported Android apk TV then you use this application in your TV. All formate video supported this app.

Some user looking vlc apk old version. In this post, I give a link for download the Old version of  VLC media player APK. Most popular version vlc download player for android 5.1 free download system I will discuss with you. Many reviews we get from user android 5.1 version are good, is version have many various features available. This app version download links we have given below and if you want to download and check this how many features are in the apk.

VLC APK Feature:

  • Sleeping timer mood: This mood is very interesting. suppose you watch a movie at midnight or day suddenly you go to sleep but your video one by one starts and ends, not of this media player. If you set sleeping timer mood then a certain period after your video automatically off.
  • Playback speed: Control video playback speed here. Suppose some video you want to watch speedily or slowly then you use this feature.
  • Use the Playlist: Many time we are everyone wants to hear all things stay in one place. you easily create a playlist and all video files are imported the playlist in vlc media player. After you enjoy you watching a movie do you like it?
  • Add a subtitle in your video: You want the subtitle to add you any video. Then subtitle file upload here and export this video.
  • On-screen control system: your all control is shown vlc window.you just select your choice like you want vlc media player always on top of the screen then go to setting and select on tope. Video equalizer options also use for better sound quality.
  • Video and Audio Equalizer: This option uses gets for better audio sound quality. Many options(classical, club, Dance, Full Bass, Full terrible, Headphone, Live, Party, Pop, etc) see you there, Suppose you stay in the Party then you set the equalizer setting and set Party then you get more sound quality.
  • Streaming mood: Any online movie or video file playing for watching in this app.just copy the video link from the website and paste here than play the video with vlc media player. First, open vlc window>click media>then go to the stream.
  • Pop up player: It is another most beautiful feature. If you use this then at a time you use multiple tasks .you are watching a video in a pop-up player(mini screen) and browse the internet or another program do you like.

You download this app from Google play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.videolan.vlc&hl=en). If you download from google play store then you need Gmail id and password. You have not Gmail id then you download this app from our website no need Gmail id and password. This apk link is given below. vlc media player download link for the android given below-


vlc apk download

Download vlc media player APK (Size-25MB)


Installation process:

  • First, go to “setting” and click unknown source then it’s on.
  • Go to this folder where you download APK file
  • The next step gives some permission and finished the installation process.  

Let’s enjoy Audio, video, screen recording, streaming, video convert with the VLC media player app.


VLC media player download for mac

VLC Media player also uses in your mac devices. The software download before you need to know the most one-off thing, At this time, see many third party websites for downloading this software and this third party site’s software infected in malware but I recommend You can download vlc 4k player for windows free download from VLC official website or our website.

vlc download mac

 In this section, I will tell you how you vlc media player downloads and install in your mac. All premium features totally free in this app.

Download .dmg file



How to convert any type of video use with vlc media player?

If you use vlc media player then you get a lot of features here. Suppose you want to convert video but you have not a video converter then you use this player. The VideoLAN company build-in functions with this software.

First, open the media player>option on the top menu>media>then click convert> open your file from pc>convert now.

media player


How to go to stream use with vlc media player?

VLC media player one of the best feature streaming. If you use this function then you play video from Disc, DVD and any website or youtube videos.you just copy the link and paste the box.you think you use this but what benefit it for me.your benefits all in one function you get here and you enjoy with video your likes media player.

First open media player>then click first option>media>stream

vlc streaming



It’s a brief summary of the vlc media player download. I hope you understand all information. If your any query please contact us page and send your problem or personal opinion.

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